Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide emergency housing?

We do not provide emergency housing, but we can provide you with contact information for local emergency housing resources. For more information, see the Housing Resources page.

How do I apply?

Second Step Housing is taking referrals for transitional housing through the Housing Solutions Center. To be considered for our programs, please call the Housing Hotline at 360-695-9677.

What are the qualifications?

To qualify for individual or family transitional housing, you must be homeless and you must be clean and sober.

What if I don’t have my children now, but am trying to get them back?

If you are working to reunify with your children, our housing is viewed by the courts as a safe place for them to live. We have had many mothers reunify with their children once they were accepted into the program. You may apply without your children; there is space in the application to explain what your situation is and what your goals are regarding your children.

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