We all feel relieved when we get home. It is a feeling of peace, safety, comfort. For me, I can feel the tension leave my shoulders and back, happy to take off my shoes and spend time with my family. I know there will be hugs, laughter, music, and food. I am lucky to have such a warm home and I do not take it for granted.

Everyone deserves to feel this way.

One month from today, 30 families in our community will be welcomed into their new homes at The Meadows. These homes will be a place of respite and stability. And we built this property to last – it will provide affordable homes for very low-income people for decades to come.

We could not have done this without your support.

There is one last opportunity to leave your mark on this exceptional property.

We have reserved a small area, just outside the community room, for our donors to make a memorial gift for a loved one.

Please join me in purchasing a memorial brick at The Meadows:


Who has made you feel at home? Here is your chance to say thanks.

All my best,