There is no doubt that since its founding systemic racism in America has been both a violent and an insidious force of oppression against Black people.  

There is no doubt that American public and private institutions are complicit in this dehumanizing oppression through both their practices and their deafening silence.

There is no doubt that the affordable housing sector in general and Second Step Housing in specific deserves some blame for decades of practices that have enabled systemic racism to continue, unchecked.

There is no doubt that now is the time for all American institutions to immediately implement anti-racist polices and to cease all remaining violent and insidious oppression of Black people.

There is no doubt that today we stand with our Black neighbors who all deserve justice for hundreds of years spent suffering racist injustice.

There is no doubt that today we stand with our Black neighbors who all deserve collective ownership in governing a rebuilt America that ensures safety, education, and opportunity for all.

There is no doubt that Second Step Housing is committed to helping accomplish this alongside our Black neighbors.

We all feel relieved when we get home. It is a feeling of peace, safety, comfort. For me, I can feel the tension leave my shoulders and back, happy to take off my shoes and spend time with my family. I know there will be hugs, laughter, music, and food. I am lucky to have such a warm home and I do not take it for granted.

Everyone deserves to feel this way.

One month from today, 30 families in our community will be welcomed into their new homes at The Meadows. These homes will be a place of respite and stability. And we built this property to last – it will provide affordable homes for very low-income people for decades to come.

We could not have done this without your support.

There is one last opportunity to leave your mark on this exceptional property.

We have reserved a small area, just outside the community room, for our donors to make a memorial gift for a loved one.

Please join me in purchasing a memorial brick at The Meadows:

Who has made you feel at home? Here is your chance to say thanks.

All my best,


Our crew has started framing at The Meadows!  Here are just a few pictures taken by the drone operated by our contractor, LMC Construction.

Do enjoy!

How can you get involved?

For most, the holidays are a joyous season. For others, it is a time of worry and stress. We need partners during the holiday season to help us serve approximately 50 families this year including about 30 teens and tweens and 50 children under the age of 10. In addition to the families, we will try to provide a stocking for the individuals in our program who may find themselves alone during this time. Our donations come in a variety of ways from the community. Listed are some of the ways you can help this holiday season. If you would like to help spread some joy or have questions or additional ideas, please contact Mary Hopkins at 360.719.4073 or

  • Adopt a family (children and parents)
  • Adopt a child
  • Host a giving tree (we provide the tags, you provide the tree)
  • Host a gift drive (teen gift drive, gift card drive, stocking drive, gifts for parents)
  • Volunteer at one of our shopping days where residents shop from the donated gifts for their children and families

Date deadlines are important to make sure we are able to help everyone on our list before Christmas. We have begun pairing donors with families already. All gifts will need to be delivered (or we can arrange to pick them up) no later than Monday, December 18th.

At some point, you have to just do it: Make the call, push the button, decide to commit.

For me, this has meant being involved in making things better in my community. This involvement has led me here, to Second Step Housing, as the new executive director. It’s a commitment that I take very seriously and that I hope will lead to better living conditions for more of my neighbors. I’m humbled by the opportunity and eager to make an impact.

I made the call. And you can, too.

This holiday season you will be asked in a hundred different ways to give. You will have the opportunity to give back to your community through serving meals, cleaning up fallen leaves, or making a donation. I hope that you decide to get involved, with Second Step or with any of the exceptional nonprofits, churches, and community groups that make this a great place to live. We all need your help, your energy, your involvement.

Make the commitment – you won’t regret it.

Thank you for your time and generosity.

All the best,

Tim Foley

Foundations are laid and framing will begin soon on The Meadows, Second Step’s newest affordable housing property, slated to open in the fall of 2018. Located on East Fourth Plain Boulevard, close to shopping, entertainment, parks, and public transporation, The Meadows will include 30 apartment units of varying size.

Key partners on this ambitious project are:

Architect: MWA Architects

Builder: LMC Construction

Development Partner: Vancouver Housing Authority

Follow our blog for more photos and updates as the project progresses!

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