Today we begin moving residents into our newest affordable property in Vancouver.

Built by the Ginn Group, these new townhomes will provide a stable, permanent home for families that are escaping homelessness and have children.  Research continually shows that children growing up in stable environments experience better lifetime outcomes in health, education, and employment.  We make our entire community stronger when we help families in need.

Essential funding was provided by:

               The City of Vancouver’s Affordable Housing Fund

               Clark County’s HOME program

This property will be affordable to people in need for the next 40 years, likely longer.

And now our work begins – keeping this property safe and residents stable as long as they care to stay.

Thank you for your support.  We could not do this important work without you.

There is no doubt that since its founding systemic racism in America has been both a violent and an insidious force of oppression against Black people.  

There is no doubt that American public and private institutions are complicit in this dehumanizing oppression through both their practices and their deafening silence.

There is no doubt that the affordable housing sector in general and Second Step Housing in specific deserves some blame for decades of practices that have enabled systemic racism to continue, unchecked.

There is no doubt that now is the time for all American institutions to immediately implement anti-racist polices and to cease all remaining violent and insidious oppression of Black people.

There is no doubt that today we stand with our Black neighbors who all deserve justice for hundreds of years spent suffering racist injustice.

There is no doubt that today we stand with our Black neighbors who all deserve collective ownership in governing a rebuilt America that ensures safety, education, and opportunity for all.

There is no doubt that Second Step Housing is committed to helping accomplish this alongside our Black neighbors.

Our crew has started framing at The Meadows!  Here are just a few pictures taken by the drone operated by our contractor, LMC Construction.

Do enjoy!

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