Each night we provide housing for around 270 people. 

Our properties are separated into two basic categories: Transitional Housing (21 units) and Permanent Housing (96 units).

94% of our units are reserved for people earning less than 50% of the area median income, which for a family of four is $53,250.  Most of our households earn far less than this.  

70% of our units are reserved for homeless households.  The vast majority of these units are permanent, meaning the household can stay with us as long as they like.

Our goal is to help homeless and low-income families maintain a safe, permanent home.  Our key metric is housing stability, which we measure by the number of households that move out of our units each year.  This year our stability rate was 95% for all units (85% for our transitional units, and 98% for our permanent units).

We are meeting our mission to a very high degree.

  • For people who have been homeless this means not having to constantly worry about their safety or the safety of their children.
  • For working parents this means having a reliable home in which they can prepare for the workday and come home to in the evening.  It means a good night’s sleep and a place to prepare healthy meals, pack lunches, and help their kids with homework.
  • For kids this means being able to stay in the same schools, with the same teachers and friends.
  • For people living with disabilities this means having a safe place to set up exactly how they need it.  It means being able to access the same doctors and caregivers and build relationships that can help them thrive.
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