My office is in one of our larger properties, and the windows look out onto an elementary school playground. Several years ago we installed a gate in the fence so that the children who live in this property could walk straight to school and play in the school yard whenever they want. This week the joyful sounds of kids playing at recess returned to my office.  Back to school.

Study after study has shown that growing up in a safe and stable home has positive long-term impacts on a child’s social, emotional, educational, and health outcomes. Kids that grow up in stable homes have fewer lifelong struggles than those growing up amidst housing instability and homelessness.

We believe that one of the greatest impacts we can have on our community is to provide safe and stable homes for children. Our residents deserve to live in stable homes and raise their kids in a safe and consistent environment.  

The last several properties Second Step has built or acquired have all included units specifically designated for homeless families with children.  Today, more than half of our residents are kids.

This work is vital to the health of children, families, and the future of our community.

Thank you for supporting Second Step Housing – we could not do it without you. 

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